Our Preferred Security Products

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Zoom Camera

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Zoom Camera Controller

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PTZ Dome Camera

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Fingerprint & RF Card Authentication System

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RF Card Authentication System

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USB Fingerprint & RF Card Reader


Our Products

We offer a wide range or products for the use of our services from CCTV systems, access control and alarm system.

CCTV System

Everything is specialised for your need and not just simply do

We are specialises in CCTV installation applications. From affordable small business solution to large scale Industrial IP Camera Applications and fully Automated CCTV Systems for manufacturing processes. Let us put together the pieces of your CCTV systems. READ MORE

Access Control

Giving more security and privacy for your business access

Tuah pandan can provide you with an extensive range of access control solutions for any size of business READ MORE

Alarm System

A must for every security system and completes all the needs

When it comes to security, Tuah pandan can offer you alarm systems to protect against burglary and other unwanted intrusion. READ MORE